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A Personalized Cross-Genre Approach to Violin and Viola

Since 2014, I’ve been working with students of all ages and abilities and guiding them as they increase their practical and theoretical skills. I am a cross-genre educator that caters each student's curriculum to their unique interests (classical, pop, jazz, improvising, etc). The needs and goals of my students come first and foremost. I love sharing my passion with others and am so grateful that I get to do this incredible job every single day.

As someone who had to practice incredibly hard to get where I am today, I know the importance of a good Music Teacher. I’ve taken everything I have learned over the years and combined it into an approach that is friendly, fun, approachable and effective.

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Sarah Reed

Truly great teachers are hard to find. It’s easy to find someone who merely relays information to their students, but it’s difficult to find an educator who infuses their lessons with enthusiasm, creativity, and discipline. Katya truly embodies all of these qualities and more. Her presence, her patience, her precision, her ability to work with students no matter where they are at, her passion for what she does, her care for her students, and her effectiveness in their playing are only the foundation of her substantial prowess as a teacher. She has really helped me make marked improvements in my playing, and she is truly a joy to work with. I cannot say enough how lucky her students, past, present, and future are to have her. I am sincerely thankful for all that she has taught me, and I am excited to continue studying under her direction.

Sarah Reed


Lessons are charged on a tiered system based on your needs. All rates are for an hour and can be easily divided per minute (15, 30, 45, etc)



This rate is higher than the actual cost of the class. That extra money allows me to offer spots on the lower end of the sliding scale. It's an opportunity to not only take lessons, but also help make it accessible to more folks.



This is the true cost of lessons. In order to cover my expenses and pay myself a living wage, I need most people to choose this tier or higher. If you choose a lower rate than this tier, you are receiving a discount.



This is for those that have limited expendable income, are unemployed or have unstable employment but are still able to meet basic needs such as food, housing, healthcare, and childcare, have little or no access to savings or financial support from family, have higher debt that requires some sacrifices on needs/wants.

Pay-what-you-can rates are available

I reserve pay-what-you-can spots and priority goes to folks who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color, the trans community, folks raised working class or poor, and people with disabilities.

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Hear my students!

Hear my students!

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